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Back to post / website. View/add comments for this article.I Like Muisc by Stuart McMillen. July 2009. I like music that is a collision of noise and melody. My Bloody Valentine recording "Soon", 1991. Yo La Tengo recording "Cherry Chapsick", 2000. I like songs that speak with authenticity - an actual feeling that the artist might have had! The Go-Betweens recording "Cattle and Cane", 1984. I like singers with unconventional voices who express themselves "warts 'n' all". 1. Curt Kirkwood - Meat Puppets. 2. Tom Waits. 3. Alison Statton - Young Marble Giants. 4. Joe Strummer - The Clash. 5. Fred Cole - Dead Moon. 6. Perry Farrell - Jane's Addiction. 7. Alison Shaw - Cranes. 8. David Studdert - Tactics. 9. Tim Steward - Screamfeeder. 10. Bob Dylan I like music that is not quite recorded properly...but keeps you coming back for more. "The music was dense and heavy; it was like a pond one could never see the bottom of, so it never grew tiresome to listen to." - Michael Azzerad, "Our Band Could Be Your Life" Dinosaur Jr. recording "Little Fury Things", 1987 I like recordings that seem to capture a moment of clarity from the artist. Laughing Clowns recording "Eternally Yours", 1984. The Chills recording "Pink Frost", 1984. I like songs where the artist's ambition BURSTS THROUGH THE SPEAKERS AT YOU! The Who recording "I Can See for Miles", 1967. Built to Spill recording "Goin' Against Your Mind", 2006. I like the otherworldly sound of recordings enhanced by innovative studio production. The Necks recording "Drive By", 2003 I like music with RAGGED EDGES. Charming imperfections that remind you the song was performed by humans. Hüsker Dü recording "I Apologize", 1984. Radial Spangle recording "Caf, 'Fine", 1994. I like music with a self-destruct button. Songs complete with some quirk or idiosyncrasy that will stop the masses from overexposing it. Sun Ra recording "Space Is the Place", 1972. Sparklehorse recording "Chaos of the Galaxy/Happy Man", 1998. I like music that blurs the boundaries of genre and defies simple classification. Miles Davis: "In a Silent Way", "Bitches Brew" and "Jack Johnson". Bark Psychosis recording "Scum" in St John's church, Stratford. It's so easy to scoff at music that is "bad"...but it takes guts to pinpoint the music which is "good". With so much space devoted to the things people HATE...isn't it nice to read about the things someone LIKES?

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