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The Problem

The Problem cartoon

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13 Comments on "The Problem"

  1. mnt on Sat, 12th Jun 2010 2:29 am 

    nice ccartoon

  2. Jen on Sat, 12th Jun 2010 3:23 am 

    thanks for this :) I’m sending the link to everyone I know.

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  4. Gary Thorn on Sat, 12th Jun 2010 8:43 am 

    Good current event or bad current event. Depends on your point of view.

  5. anon on Mon, 14th Jun 2010 1:03 pm 

    not sure I agree with this.. BP has been paying the bill so far.. not public subsidies. For this oil spill, we privatized the profits and losses (so far, anyway).

  6. homemadehappymeals@h on Tue, 15th Jun 2010 1:37 pm 

    Absolutely beautiful. Clear and concise. Too bad that those that need to get this still won’t be able to understand its meaning. It is too much reading for them.

  7. Kat on Tue, 15th Jun 2010 2:28 pm 

    Nice work, simple, visual. Really like your style

  8. Henry on Wed, 23rd Jun 2010 11:09 pm 

    The socialized “costs” with regards to the spill are not only monetary, anon. Thousands of people in the gulf are paying the costs of this disaster in many ways other than from their pocketbook.

  9. purrsikat on Thu, 24th Jun 2010 1:54 pm 

    Very well encapsulated. I’m spreading this one around.

  10. m@ on Thu, 24th Jun 2010 3:20 pm 

    Neat comic thanks!

    PS oil doesn’t come from Dinosaurs mang!

  11. asdlsakfjasldk on Wed, 28th Jul 2010 8:50 am 

    Wrong. Drawings don’t make simplified and convenient understandings of the world true.

  12. hwat? on Thu, 9th Sep 2010 2:33 pm 

    Your comics are fantastic, I’m sharing them.

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