Recombinant Records

This is my 2007-11 comics archive

This is Recombinant Records, the archive of the comics that I published between 2007 and 2011. From this point onwards, I will not be adding any new posts to this website.

I have just unveiled which is the website that I will be publishing to from this point onwards. This new website went live today. Right now it features one old comic, plus two new ones (Purpose and Supernormal Stimuli). More are in the pipeline right now.

The old email list/RSS feed will not carry forward to the new website. If you want to hear news from me, please subscribe to my new comic feed, and/or my new quarterly newsletter of Stuart McMillenland news.

The website will remain live as an archive of my works 2007-2011. It was an interesting time. The early efforts show a young bloke wanting to share unconventional ideas in an unconventional format. They are crude and a touch embarrassing, yet they are the product of a younger version of myself, and his vision. They will stay online.

(The only exception being Amusing Ourselves to Death, which is no longer with us.)

For my pick of the best stuff from this site, check out: Challenged (many fan messages from teachers who shared this one with their students) and Green Tax Shift (unknowingly foreshadowed the Australian government’s similar carbon pricing laws, which were legislated 11 months after my comic was published). Oh, and I like St Matthew Island so much I transplanted it to my new site!

The new website is a chance to draw a line in the sand and begin a new collection. I am hoping to earn a living from cartooning, and the new website will give a fairer representative of what I am capable of these days. Although I will be available for commissioned jobs, I hope a large part of my future comes from drawing comics straight from my own creativity.

The reason I continue publishing comics (and honing my craft) is due to public demand. Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing, and let’s both see what the future holds. On with the new comics.

Stuart McMillen
Brisbane, Australia
26 April 2012