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  1. Stuart McMillen » Blog Archive » Part of Nature on Wed, 23rd Sep 2009 4:22 pm 

    […] I posted my latest cartoon ‘Part of Nature‘. It is the product of 5-6 weeks of drawing (after work and on weekends), and I feel it it my […]

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  4. [email protected] on Mon, 9th Nov 2009 2:14 pm 

    I don’t disagree with your ideals. My many years on this earth has shown me that human nature (eg lust for power, wealth and control)has existed since we first walked upright. That won’t change now or in the future. We can hope technology provides a way to deal with the problems that 7+ billion people living together pose, or we will perish as most species eventually do.

  5. Willy on Wed, 11th Nov 2009 6:02 am 

    Well those ideals are great but anyone who knows anything about basic manufacturing processes can tell you that none of this is going to be able to become a reality in our time. The fact is 7 billion people is too many for our ecosystem (ie the Earth) no matter how we live. We follow the same natural laws as all species…Eventually we’ll reach a point where the population boom will no longer be sustainable for our own survivable and the world population will begin to decline, eventually (as in thousands of years from now) stabilize at a sustainable level, and that new population will live comfortably.

  6. Willy on Wed, 11th Nov 2009 6:03 am 

    That’s supposed to say for our own survival*. My bad.

  7. Maria SantaCruz on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 1:59 am 

    AllYou Say is Wisdom and common sense,but people are still afraid to mention the Taboo subject,THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE FOR THE EARTH TO SUPPORT with it’s finite rescources

  8. T. Ridgewoman on Tue, 1st Dec 2009 4:12 pm 

    Great! I enjoyed your creative cartoon very much. There is no such place as AWAY… One of my favorite truths…

  9. GrĂ¼ning on Thu, 17th Dec 2009 7:42 am 

    Maybe a resource based economy would show to be a valid solution,

  10. Haru on Fri, 18th Dec 2009 11:47 am 

    This is excellence! Like, I can’t descibe it in words. I express my feel ing to the artist wordlessly, in spaztic excitement.

  11. http://www.recombina on Sun, 20th Dec 2009 12:49 pm 

    These pictures could explain to people how idiotic they are. We need to love our Earth and in doing so we’d be able to get the love back, but instead our consuming, retarded economy can’t see how obvious all the solutions are. Fractals, which occur everywhere in nature, could be the key to enhancing life…these are just my crazy thoughts…

  12. http://www.recombina on Sun, 20th Dec 2009 12:52 pm 

    I wish i knew a way for all the good eggs to live on the moon and get a new life going. One based on love and happiness. We’re all in this together. Why not find a way out together?

  13. ladypemberley on Fri, 25th Dec 2009 7:29 am 

    I love the cartoon. I enjoyed the ideas, which are more or less common sense but so little can put those in this way. The representation, I believe, is what makes them effective.

  14. Joe Chasse on Sun, 3rd Jan 2010 8:57 am 

    Absolutely wonderful! I have only JUST discovered your work, and am enjoying it a lot!

  15. moi on Thu, 21st Jan 2010 4:16 pm 

    <3 <3 <3 this!!!!!!!!!!! best cartoon i've ever seen…..

  16. This is dumb on Sat, 23rd Jan 2010 5:18 am 

    Nice comic. That you drew on your computer, using electricity in your home, which is built of the wood, after work which you drive to in your car. Your comic is trying to inspire people to change, your not going to change the world and the convenience that all these things supply us with a comic. And maybe if your serious about all this then start with yourself. Pzz kid.

  17. This is dumb on Sat, 23rd Jan 2010 5:29 am 

    Humans only think about themselves, and dont have concept of time. The earth will be here far longer that we will be. If you want to do something for the environment that will actually work, invent something that does the same thing with less ecological impact. Humans in their selfish manner will not sacrifice convenience for less impact. They dont care about impact, but they do care that it does the job or serves its purpose easier or more efficiently than the model before it did. Comics are not the way to a better environment. Stop bitching and start actually doing something about it if you truly care. That goes for all of you. Until that happens every single one of you is a hypocrite.

  18. This is dumb on Sat, 23rd Jan 2010 6:02 am 

    And recombina, you cant live on the moon, for a million different reasons. And who are you to decide who is and who is not a good egg? What gives you that power? fact of the matter is, you people are all right. Scientific evidence from glaciers and ice packs has uncovered a history of greenhouse gas spikes (mostly carbon) are always followed by an ice age. Currently they are higher than they have ever been, so the storm is coming, its just a matter of time. Meaning its too late to do anything. But survive through the ice age and when things turn around, to try and use the technology currently being researched to start over again. And Maria and willy are right, theres simply to many people on this planet for it to naturally support life. Technologies such as fusion, high atmosphere wind turbines, hadron particle collider, NASA’s puffin personal transport, and trying to not be complacent with the technologies such as trying not to get stuck in this gas/electric hyprid rut and getting to full electric asap. Im not telling you to not try and help the environment, just dont be dumb about it. use your head about the environment and actually do some research before you say something stupid like our planet feels love. It doesnt. Love is a word attached to a human emotion. Our planet doesnt feel anything. Iron doesnt feel anything. Im sure there is alot you can do for the environment, but sitting on your computer reading comics is not one of them. Please feel free to comment back, i hope it doesnt look like im looking down on you all, thats not the intention.

  19. Joe Chasse on Sat, 23rd Jan 2010 6:35 am 

    Your cartoons are wonderful! I am a 63 year old from the MONKEY WRENCH GANG era of getting things changed. Of course, NOW one would be in GITMO real quick for even advocating such behaviour! Keep it up, there are those of us who really enjoy your work.

  20. dzent1 on Mon, 8th Mar 2010 8:58 am 

    Funny how negative comments attach themselves to healthy posts like ticks or leeches do. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Stuart. A lot of people have trouble with the truth and with reality, but they still need to hear and see it. You do that in a gentle and thoughtful way. I think this cartoon should be on the desk of every CEO in the world.

  21. Becky on Thu, 18th Mar 2010 9:53 am 

    Check out the Zeitgeist Movement!
    Addresses the ills we have created, and poses some solutions.

  22. Wakakaishin on Thu, 18th Mar 2010 11:26 am 

    Amazing. You pretty much summed up the movement I want to contribute to when I graduate college and enter the workforce as a chemist (and much more eloquently.) Don’t let haters get you down!

  23. jessica okaty on Tue, 30th Mar 2010 12:01 pm 

    I love this!
    Thank you!

  24. Raven on Sun, 4th Apr 2010 4:24 am 

    Is it possible to provide a printable version of this comic? I’m not too tech savvy but would like to post it at work.

  25. Stuart McMillen » Blog Archive » Power plant lamington drive on Thu, 22nd Apr 2010 12:43 pm 

    […] The above image was drawn for, but cast-aside from my newest cartoon ‘Part of Nature‘. […]

  26. pete on Fri, 14th May 2010 8:02 am 

    thats great but the fact is there is just far too many people on the planet to be sustained. we can only cushion the blow, this planet is going to crash. fasten your seat belts and hope you dont hit an SUV

  27. Stuart McMillen » Blog Archive » One Punch Can Kill on Wed, 2nd Jun 2010 11:47 am 

    […] too much about it right now, but the project will be social/environmental commentary in the vein of Part of Nature from last year. Hopefully a interesting side-project for us both to work on between our other […]

  28. econ101 on Sun, 6th Jun 2010 10:52 am 

    You should know that the “Story of Stuff” is factually inaccurate and has been debunked by people like Lee Doren.

    Also, any idiot with an economics degree could tell you that scarcity (as you are proposing) is an impossibility due to rationing and natural equilibrium.

  29. Recommended Reading #3: Parts of Nature by Stewart McMillen « Rubeo's Rants on Fri, 17th Sep 2010 7:18 am 

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  30. Red Neck Mother Fucker on Thu, 6th Jan 2011 1:30 pm 

    Tree hugging faggot.

  31. To all haters on Thu, 11th Aug 2011 1:51 am 

    To the haters: Shut the fuck up. No cares that you’re inept. Jealousy is an ugly color and it has made you its bitch. Grow up.

    @ Stuart: Keep learning from your mistakes and take all criticism in stride.

  32. dnkr on Wed, 14th Dec 2011 11:31 am 

    There are solutions becoming available for these problems, although many people doubt it. With a little motivation and science to help you out, you will find that there is actually an abundance of resources on the planet right now, and humanity now has the technology to enjoy it all this present day. However, we will not make use of such wisdom, as this wonderful cartoon points out.
    I still have hope, to say the least! For some examples of technology giving the possibility for abundance, check out The Venus Project. One of my favorite examples of specific technology is MIT’s Sun Catalytix.

  33. DM on Wed, 14th Mar 2012 2:48 pm 

    That was awesome- great work on the comic strip. It’s very true, all of it.
    It is not “We” who are perpetrating and perpetuating this foul path to destruction. It’s the same criminals it has always been, sworn enemies of “us”.

    “I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”- Thomas Jefferson

  34. Sam on Sun, 15th Apr 2012 10:57 am 

    Oh god… another term I haven’t heard before “current solar income”. An economic way of describing ‘net radiation’ – the energy available at the surface of the earth to do stuff within the ecosystem…?

    Again, brilliantly drawn/explained. Keep it up!


  35. tom on Thu, 19th Jul 2012 1:21 pm 

    you must be idiots, did you ever fly to your thanksgiving dinner on a solar plane?
    walk the walk back to the 12th century

  36. Michelle Rogers on Tue, 5th Feb 2013 12:09 am 

    Really lovely cartoon – thanks!

  37. gary on Fri, 12th Apr 2013 6:13 am 

    i like it and you are correct . we have just started up a buisiness for these reasons . we have a dream of low u values meaning low or no heat loss to get the boiler temperatures down as recomended by energy savings trust and combining that with rhi scheme made available by the government so people can make money from renewable energy instead of adding their hard earned money to the billions the big energy companies already have .

  38. My Drug Period - Stuart McMillen blog on Wed, 29th May 2013 4:59 pm 

    […] again, I once thought Part of Nature would be my definitive statement on environmentalism, and that I would never have to revisit that […]

  39. SEPCO-Solar Lighting on Wed, 3rd Jul 2013 6:22 am 

    Love the cartoon. I too have watched the Story of Stuff and love the ideas presented. Here’s hoping that with more people getting their ideas from nature and looking for ways to improve what they are creating, we will quickly move forward.

  40. Ashley Randall on Sun, 8th Jun 2014 6:31 am 

    Yes, this exactly – I loved the statement about living off of capital vs. liquidating assets.

  41. panos on Thu, 30th Oct 2014 9:51 pm 

    really amazing infographic … thanks =)